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Peace Corps may be “the toughest job you’ll ever love”
but you don’t always have to learn that the hard way.


The Unofficial Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook is the book I wish someone would have given me, something no one has provided before: a companion book that allows you to learn from the experiences of outstanding Volunteers and catalog your own experience from the very beginning of your service to the end. This is a guide and journal in an easy-to-use and easy-to-write-in handbook designed to be with you before you join, while you serve and after you come back from your Peace Corps experience.

In addition to all the wonderful digital resources out there for Peace Corps Volunteers I think there is still something special about reading a good book with a pen in your hand, ready to add your thoughts and make it your own. Everyone’s service is personal and unique, which guarantees no two handbooks will ever be the same. Your name goes on the front cover because it’s yours. The Unofficial Handbook includes:

I’ve decided to offer this book as a pay-what-you-like book for two reasons. First, I think anyone who buys a paperback book should get the eBook for free and I’d like to do that based on the honors system. Second, I believe in the pay it forward model and think it’s fun to let people show how much they enjoy something by allowing them to pay what they like for it. I appreciate anything you are willing to give as a thank you.